Cancer is personal

IMG_0865A very close friend of mine, sister died a couple weeks ago from brain cancer.  She sent me an email yesterday. From the email I could tell that she was not having a very good day, so I called her today and she asked me why her sister didn’t fight more. I thought what could I say that would make her feel better.    It may not seem like she didn’t fight anymore. Chemo is tough on anyone. Especially when your body is weak and the cancer is aggressive.   Her sister had fought as much as she could and then left the fight in God’s hands.    Each person’s journey is totally individual.  Don’t compare them. Even though two people may have cancer, their types, treatment and circumstances are totally individual.

After the first time I had breast cancer I said afterwards , I would never have chemo again here I am getting chemo again.  Time and circumstances make you forget the bad side of cancer.  I have a friend that died from lung cancer last year and had decided that he didn’t want any treatments.  I totally understood but some questioned his decision.  Chemo is tough not only on the patient but on family and friends.  Everyone fights in their own way. Sometimes it may seem like giving up would be easier.

I was talking to my primary care doctor today.  She asked how I always stayed positive and smiled.  I wouldn’t know how to do it any other way.  I have my faith, a great family, great friends and a positive attitude.  That’s half the battle.  The side effects and treatment are the hard part.    I share my experiences just to show what I am going through.  I have my tough days too. A couple of weeks ago ,  I had a terrible day.  I had a migraine headache and it just seemed that everything hurt.  I stayed in bed the whole day which is something I rarely do.  Steve came home and I was just laying in bed wide awake.  I knew it was hard for him to see me like that.  So I mustered up what energy  I had, got up and went for a short walk with him.  I knew it would make him feel better and it made me  feel a little better too.

I told my oncologist yesterday about my back hurting more now.  He asked me if I took the pain pills he had prescribed and if needed anything stronger.  Well, I of course told him that I took them if I was I terrible pain.  He again counseled me that the pain pills are there for any type of pain and there is no shame in having to take them.  I just don’t like taking pain pills.  No real justification, just I really don’t like how they make me feel afterwards.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Make the most of the life you have now.  Enjoy all the time you have.  Enjoy life’s victories!

Life truly is short. We often don’t like to think about it, but this really could be our last day to live. But that shouldn’t frighten us as Christians, because Jesus has promised that He will give eternal life to all those who put their faith in Him (John 10:28).



I thought I would share my experience with you all. If it saves , anyone from what I went through that would be great!

The plastic surgeon did a great job with my reconstruction. For that I am thankful! After that, it was really obvious that he made recommendations that would make him the most money!

Considering cool sculpting, let me just say don’t do it. It is super expensive. In my case, it cost 2000.00 . Cool sculpting is not covered by insurance. My plastic surgeon recommended to me after my reconstruction surgery to remove the excess skin. (I didn’t know it wasn’t approved by the FDA for that area until afterwards.)Well that didn’t work. It was painful. I was told there would not be painful and I wouldn’t feel it. Wrong, I was in worst pain I have had. Even worse than any of my surgeries. I actually had to take pain pills for days afterwards. It left hard scar tissue. Of course the doctor said, it wasn’t from cool sculpting. I didn’t have it before that. I had to get weeks of physical therapy to break up the scar tissue and get my range of motion back in that area.

When I went back for a follow-up appointment with the Doctor, he said I should get cool sculpting for the excess skin. What I already had it, well maybe you should get it again. Uh, no I don’t think so!!! Needless to say I won’t be going back to him.

If you are considering cool sculpting and want to talk about it with me just let me know. This is just my experience and opinions. Others have obviously had a better experience.