Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats & Outreach Program

Let’s help Wind River Cancer wellness retreats by donating so that they can keep the retreats free to survivors. Click on the link below to donate. Any amount is appreciated! Please feel free to share this post.
My experience at Wind River Cancer Wellness retreat
It has been a week since I went to the Wind River Cancer Wellness retreat . I
returned home with a new special spot in my heart for Wind River and the new friends I made. The retreat was awesome and the views spectacular. The retreat has helped me learn to listen, share my feelings, and communicate with others and meet new friends. I do not have words to describe how awesome my experience was there with you all. Wind River provided so many opportunities and I now feel rejuvenated and reconnected, exactly what I needed at this point in my cancer journey. My heart felt gratitude for your hospitality, your kindness and caring, your sharing of so many helpful techniques and ideas to incorporate into my everyday life. There were so many special moments to look back on. We did everything from painting, yoga, nutrition, tai chi, and many others.
Thank you to Dave Pschirer and Shannon Carney for offering this wonderful opportunity!
The experience is beyond words. If you know of a cancer survivor that would like to go to the retreat, please let me know.


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